Build.Fun.Recycle with Corugami.

We create products, packaging and spaces using sustainable materials.

. Our users are as much a part of the product as we are. We’ve added a touch of DIY to encourage you to move away from the buy-use-throw practice and get involved right from assembly to responsible disposal of the products.

FUN. We love working with our hands. And we believe there are many like us out there who find joy in rolling up their sleeves and putting things together.
Our designs are fun and functional, created by young, independent designers. 

RECYCLE. We strive to keep a low carbon footprint. We specialize in products made out of corrugated paper which is a 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
You can recycle it at home or give it to a local recycler.

Meet our team

    Udit Bansal
    Udit Bansal
    Operations Design Manufacturing
    Aditi Tandon
    Aditi Tandon
    Partnerships Community Promotions
    Alisha Vasudev
    Alisha Vasudev
    Visuals Aesthetics Vibe

Our Philosophy

Good Design

Clean, customizable and userfriendly designs for practical products by independent designers.


Low carbon footprint through sustainable practices and ecofriendly products.


Collaboration and community building around sustainability and social impact.


Products with a touch of DIY. Make it an all-hands family activity or enjoy it as a solo project.